Whatstool for whatsapp App

Hey folks today we are sharing new app for Android.Are you thinking of how to save the status of your friend? So you liked your friends WhatsApp status and you want to post it. Great, you can do it all from Allin1 tools to save, share and get the notification of all new status of your friends. Get lots of daily quotes and captions along with tons of great photos status to share and be ahead in your WhatsApp group. Daily status is now a way to keep your group active. WhatsApp Profile Search and Tracker. Easily search any number in WhatsApp.

Download Send special font characters message to your friends in Whatsapp. Send upside down text message and repeated the message to your friend.Do you want to quickly message someone in WhatsApp without saving his contact? Do you get a new call and he wants to message back in WhatsApp. Here you can do that easily. Just enter his number and send. Message Yourself in WhatsApp through this.

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