Wave SO Caller Notification App

Hey folks today we are sharing new app.This application also features the option to set the opacity. As there are two overlapping waves one on the other, you can select the opacity of the two animated waves separately. This way, you can set out the design as per your requirement to make your phone look better.

Download You can select the level of opacity from minimum value zero (0) to maximum value of two hundred and fifty five (255). On the main screen there are two bars where you can select the opacity of the animated waves to be shown up on the calling screen.

This cool and stylish application supports three types of widths for the animated waves. You can select the widths like small, medium and big. When you select the width as small, you will see very thing waves along the edges of your phone. To catch your attraction, you can select Medium width and for even more, you can select ‘Big’ option.

By using this application, your phone catch your attention while you are busy in you meeting and your phone is lying down on the table. Moreover it will make your phone look cool and will give you something extra and attractive as compared to the normal calling android screen.

So what are you waiting for..? Download this cool animated S7 Waves Call Notification application and get a very attractive calling screen.

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